Jaron's Publications

A pub in progress.


  1. Essential singularities in universal scaling functions at the Ising coexistence line, Jaron Kent-Dobias & James P Sethna, arXiv:1707.03791 [cond-mat.stat-mech].

  2. Renormalization group and normal form theory, Archishman Raju, Colin B Clement, Lorien X Hayden, Jaron Kent-Dobias, Danilo B Liarte, D Zeb Rocklin & James P Sethna, arXiv:1706.00137 [cond-mat.stat-mech].

  3. Deformation of crystals: connections with statistical physics, James P Sethna, Matthew K Bierbaum, Karin A Dahmen, Carl P Goodrich, Julia R Greer, Lorien X Hayden, Jaron Kent-Dobias, Edward D Lee, Danilo B Liarte, Xiaoyue Ni, Katherine N Quinn, Archishman Raju, D Zeb Rocklin, Ashivni Shekhawat & Stefano Zapperi, Annual Review of Materials Research 47, 217 (2017) · arXiv:1609.05838 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci].
  4. 2015

  5. Energy driven pattern formation in planar dipole-dipole systems in the presence of weak noise, Jaron Kent-Dobias & Andrew J. Bernoff, Physical Review E 91, 032919 (2015) · arXiv:1406.3749 [cond-mat.soft].
  6. 2014

  7. Energy-driven pattern formation in planar dipole–dipole systems, Jaron Kent-Dobias, HMC Senior Theses, 66.
  8. 2013

  9. ROCK · PAPER · BOOK, Scripps College Press under the direction of Kitty Maryatt, Information · Purchase.