Jaron’s Publications


Glass phenomenology in the hard matrix model, Junkai Dong, Veit Elser, Gaurav Gyawali, Kai Yen Jee, JK-D, Avinash Mandaiya, Megan Renz & Yubo Su, arXiv:1912.07558

Essential singularities in universal scaling functions at the Ising coexistence line, JK-D & James P Sethna, arXiv:1707.03791


Complex complex landscapes, JK-D & Jorge Kurchan, Physical Review Research 3, 023064 (2021) (PDF) ∗ arXiv:2012.06299

Elastic properties of hidden order in URu2Si2 are reproduced by a staggered nematic, JK-D, Michael Matty & Brad J Ramshaw, Physical Review B 102, 075129 (2020) (PDF) ∗ arXiv:1910.01669

Visualizing probabilistic models in Minkowski space with intensive symmetrized Kullback-Leibler embedding, Han Kheng Teoh, Katherine N Quinn, JK-D, Colin B Clement, Qingyang Xu & James P Sethna, Physical Review Research 2, 033221 (2020) (PDF) ∗ arXiv:1912.06039

Normal form for renormalization groups, Archishman Raju, Colin B Clement, Lorien X Hayden, JK-D, Danilo B Liarte, D Zeb Rocklin & James P Sethna, Physical Review X 9, 021014 (2019) (PDF) ∗ arXiv:1706.00137

Cluster representations and the Wolff algorithm in arbitrary external fields, JK-D & James P Sethna, Physical Review E 98, 063306 (2018) (PDF) ∗ arXiv:1805.04019 [cond-mat.stat-mech]

Deformation of crystals: connections with statistical physics, James P Sethna, Matthew K Bierbaum, Karin A Dahmen, Carl P Goodrich, Julia R Greer, Lorien X Hayden, JK-D, Edward D Lee, Danilo B Liarte, Xiaoyue Ni, Katherine N Quinn, Archishman Raju, D Zeb Rocklin, Ashivni Shekhawat & Stefano Zapperi, Annual Review of Materials Research 47, 217 (2017)arXiv:1609.05838

Energy driven pattern formation in planar dipole-dipole systems in the presence of weak noise, JK-D & Andrew J Bernoff, Physical Review E 91, 032919 (2015) (PDF) ∗ arXiv:1406.3749

Rock • Paper • Book, Brendan Gillett, Anastasia Patterson, Lily Stewart, Gretchen Allen, Garrett Wong, Kate MacDonnell, Carrie Latimer, JK-D, Siyao Xie, Jay Jonsson, Jacob Bandes-Storch, Rob O’Neill, Jack Ma, Chelsea Carlson, & Kitty Maryatt, Scripps College Press (2013)