Jaron’s Blog

Cornell Graduate Students,

Do you feel helpless right now? It’s easy to lose sight of our agency in the face of unfathomable national change and a terrifying threat to personal security and freedom.

But we aren’t helpless! In fact, we’ve organized a union to protect and advance our security and freedom, and have almost succeeded in forcing our employer to recognize us. Awful things are coming—dismantling the Affordable Care Act, restrictions on reproductive healthcare, challenges to anti-discrimination and harassment law, hostility toward legal and illegal immigrants alike—things that we, collectively, can demand our employer and local government account and compensate for.

What can you do? If you haven’t, join the union. If you’re in the union, sign our petition and show public solidarity. Reach out to your friends and coworkers for their support. Prepare to vote in the coming recognition election.

The closer we are, the stronger we are. Don’t just mourn, organize.